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High quality furniture assembly

In the furniture shop furniture sold in disassembled form. You walk over the showroom, choose a cabinet, table or shelf, pay for it and bring home. And here at home you face with some puzzle: you see a lot of wooden slats and  boards that must be collected. 

Of course, the furniture can be assembled on your own. It seems that it is not harder than a kid's constructor. And now try to recall: have you ever dealt with the furniture? Do you know the order to exercise the assembly?  What must be attached with that unusual hinge: door or shelf? 

Often, as a result of such initiative a situation arises when the normal furniture becomes totally unfit for use. Everythings swaying, deformed and the doors shut occasionally. 

Do not spoil your new furniture - entrust the work to professionals. 

Our company offers services for dismantling and assembly furniture. 

Our specialists have extensive experience working with a wide range of furniture and assemble for you any structure quickly and accurately.


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