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Office move: three questions that are really important.

As a matter of fact, there are only three things that we’re worried about before the move. 
If we knew everything would be OK with them, we’d have been satisfied.

So what are these things?   

  1. To be not swindled.
  2. To get back after the shifting any item of the movable property safe.
  3. To pay an adequate cost.  
Every point has its own store of effective tools. 
Here they are:

1.1. Accurately determine and record what has to be moved, and what has not to be; if there is need to disassembly furniture or whether to pack; the number of floors at both locations, availability and the type of elevators (freight or passenger), how far is the elevator from the front door of your office. 

1.2. Manager, who takes the order, has to inquire in detail about everything and explain everything to the smallest detail. If you have not told a manager, and he did not ask you in detail about the move, the possibility of surprises increases dramatically. A surprise, as you know, in this case does not need.  

1.3. If you order an offfice moving in advance (at least 3 days before) you better take an inventory of property carried with signatures from both sides, which will provide you with guarantees.  

1.4. The contract. 

1.5. If you plan a large move, you can call for the estimator to calculate the complexity of the move at the place.  

1.6. The universal way to determine the final cost of the move, which simply will not be able to change - to calculate and check rates via internet based pricing calculator. You can always refer to it.  

1.7. If you believe that porters overstate price - just call the manager - he will be on your side, because his financial interest is that you’ll apply to him further. In fact it is not always necessary to use all these tools. But something from this list you’ll just prove useful.


2. What is needed to prevent damage to things during transportation?  

can tell you what will not help to it at all. Will not help the contract, will not help a mover’s beautiful website, and the first place in Yahoo will not make company’s property safe. There are only three things that can be the kind of help for you: a recommendation, your personal experience with the moving company and packing materials.

That’ s all. Then nothing more you need. If everything is securely packed, you can only hope that on the day of the moving would not happened tsunami or earthquake. Because there are no other threats to your belongings exist.

In addition, the presence of a mover's packaging materials says that you are not dealing with amateurs. Unfortunately, this is far not the norm. Very often a home, apartment or office relocation is only an additional earning for cargo movers of any goods.

 Bear in mind that you should keep plenty of time in hand, so that it will be able to pack all your things with great care.


3. Well, here we come to the point of vital importance: the price.

It's simple. Can you find the cheapest option? Yes, you can. But you will hardly escape unpleasant surprises. The most "harmless" of them - this is when the vehicle just does not come, because there has been silhouetted a more profitable job.

You are shocked? Yes, sometimes it happens.

Regarding the market leaders ... Know, what can we do? Call our manager, talk and put the task before him. Find out the final cost. And then ask (if you don’t know) to recommend someone else, best of the best.

Call them and simply choose the price.

We are not afraid to make such a recommendation, because, on the one hand, confident in their performance. On the other hand - people are different. Someone wants a less expensive, and somebody chooses, instead, the biggest price, considering this is the criterion of quality.

 It’s impossible to hold and please everyone. Therefore, we chose the middle ground: the quality of which is not ashamed, for an adequate price. No extra brand twists. 

We hope that highlighted all the really important things for you to move the office. If we forgot about something - please write a few lines, and we will fill a gap.

Any questions, requests, suggestions, orders of moving or packing supplies you can make either by e-mail or the traditional way - by calling

(495) 514-91-75.  

Mail us or call. It is very important for us to find out your opinion about our work. We would like to know how to make our service even better. 

Have a lucky move and no unpredictable “surprises”!  

Order office relocation: (495) 514-91-75, (495) 545-94-50



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