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You have to move soon and related future difficulties lead you to the horror? Do not be afraid and do not worry, it is reasonable to plan the move, though it was an apartment, office or country cottage relocation - it is already 50% of success. And here one of the most important components of relocation appears - packaging and labeling of transported belongings. How to insure yourself against unpleasant surprises such as a breakdown or loss of the movable property? The answer is easy - use packaging materials! 

Depending on the size, weight, value, durability or fragility of transported things the type of packaging is selected. For example, for the transportation of soft furniture air-bubble wrap will fit perfect to protect your furniture from possible unpleasant dynamic contact with the door-posts and angles. 

Cardboard sheets will serve as a good protection for furniture such as cabinets, wardrobes, desks and chests of drawers.

Cardboard boxes of various shapes and sizes will enable you to compactly pack a lot of small things, equipment or fragile decorative items. 
Stretch wrap will help you not only in the package of shifted things, but also to protect them from dust, moisture and dirt. 

Using materials for packaging, you will thereby eliminate every item of the property from the many problems associated with the move, ensuring the safety of things. 
Packaging materials - this is a convenient, modern, quality solution of a way of moving. Happy you move! 
Bubble wrap. Bubble Wrap.

3000 rubles per 150 m2  

60 rubles per 1 meter (width 1.5m)   

Corrugated cardboard sheets    Corrugated cardboard sheets.

The cost of a sheet measuring 1 x 2 meter - 60 rubles. 

Cardboard boxesCardboard boxes.
   Price: 40 - 80 per box depending on size. 

Stretch wrap.

Stretch wrap.

Price per roll:180 meters - 350 rubles 

250 meters - 400 rubles.


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